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Doctoral dissertations and master’s theses are primary literature. They are valuable contributions to the discourse in every field of inquiry and to the culture of all creative fields.

Publishing Program requirements:

Redistribution of the Work. Except as restricted by Author under Section IV (below), the rights granted by Author automatically include (1) the right to allow sale and distribution of the Work, in whole or in part, by agents and distributors, including but not limited to commercial retail outlets and (2) the right to make the Abstract and bibliographic data associated with the Work available to search engines and harvesters. .

Restrictions. ProQuest/UMI dissertation will use commercially reasonable efforts to restrict the distribution of the Work as provided under the publishing option selected by Author in Section IV (below) or as later elected by Author through direct contact with ProQuest/UMI. Such election is subject to Author’s Degree Granting Institution Directives. With respect to restrictions requested after submission of the Work, Author acknowledges that ProQuest/UMI cannot recall or amend previously distributed versions of the Work. Refer to Guides 3 and 4 for information about access and restrictions.

Removal of Work from the Program. ProQuest/UMI dissertation may elect not to distribute the Work if it believes that all necessary rights of third parties have not been secured. Refer to Guide 5 for information about copyright and your dissertation or thesis. If Author’s degree is rescinded, and the degree granting institution so directs, ProQuest/UMI dissertation will expunge the Work from its publishing program in accordance with its then current publishing policies.

Degree Granting Institution Directives. Author is solely responsible for any conflict between policies and directions of Author’s degree-granting institution, Author’s choice of publishing model, and/or any restriction Author places on the use of the Work. For the avoidance of doubt, ProQuest/UMI is not responsible for access to the Work that is provided by Author’s degree-granting institution through its library or institutional repository. Author must work directly with Author’s degree granting institution to ensure application of any restrictions to access relating to the Work by Author’s degree granting institution.