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Dissertation paper

Candidate dissertation is a work that performs a qualifying function and does not depend on anything.

The basis of the dissertation paper is material that includes a description of new factors, phenomena of patterns, or a synthesis of previously known provisions from other scientific positions or in a new aspect.

The content of the candidate thesis reflects the initial background of scientific research, its progress and the results obtained.

The content of the thesis should provide convincing arguments in favor of the chosen concept. Contradicting points of view should be subjected to a comprehensive analysis and critical assessment. Discussion and polemical material are elements of the thesis. 

The topic of the dissertation paper is submitted for approval only when its relevance, scientific and applied importance, the availability of conditions for implementation at the scheduled time and the proper scientific guidance are provided. The graduate student is given the right to independently choose a topic of work. The selection is made on the basis of the approved list of directions for selecting topics in the department. The list is exemplary, and a graduate student can offer his topic with the necessary justification for the feasibility of its development.

 When choosing a topic, a graduate student should take into account his scientific and practical interests in a particular area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheory and practice.

The topic has to be written in a way it reflects the main point of the whole dissertation paper.

Subject work need to reflect each theoretical and practical orientation of the look at. The theoretical part of the observe should be centered on the improvement of the theoretical and methodological foundations of the studied questions, the use of recent principles and ideas in the selected area of examine, and be prominent through a certain novelty of medical ideas and research strategies.

After the topic is approved, the supervisor will give the graduate student a dissertation preparation task. The assignment includes the name of the thesis, a list of issues to be developed, a list of the source data necessary for the dissertation (legislative and regulatory documents and materials, scientific and special literature, specific primary information), a calendar schedule for the implementation of individual sections of the dissertation, deadlines for submission work.